I have always believed that all theories are meaningless if we don’t put them into practice. So today, I’m going to take a case study to simulate how I rely on the framework I’ve written here, in practice. To increase the efficiency of the article, I encourage you to use 2 chrome tabs, so that you can see the theory and see how I analyze the problem. OK. Let's get started.

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Market research

I live in Viet Nam and recently, people in my country often refer to the purchase and sale of mutant orchids as one of the crazy transactions. For someone…

Everything that you see or use in your life, any product, at one point it was either it was a need or an idea. Usually, the familiar context will be, someone comes, put on the bargaining table and say: “I need you to build this for me.” And then you — a super Product Manager just sit there and come up with all fantastic ideas and then the team will only need to build it. Is that what you are imagining about the Product Management job? If yes, let’s follow me to see if it's true.

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Before I was a…

Every great product was once just a small idea to resolve a problem that some people had. Whether you are making a completely new product or looking to add a new feature to an existing one, you will run into an instance where the requirements are very simple. It sounds like “how to build an app for doing this, doing that” or “how to increase the revenue by doing X or doing Y”. Just with one sentence, the responsibility of a Product Manager must make a product as if by magic.

So, today, I will write some my experience and…

Hello, welcome back to my The Composable Architecture tutorials series. As I said in the previous one, in this article, I will implement the Authentication phase, more specifically, it is the login screen. But wait, before getting into it, I would like to make sure that you do not miss any of my previous articles related to this framework— I believe they are extremely helpful for you.

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To be really effective, I recommend rereading my previous post, especially the structure section to get an overview of what I’m going to do soon. And then, you will also easily grasp the…

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for supporting me during the last series (used to on top of Medium), I really appreciate this. So, next, I am going to bring you to a new series of lessons that are even more engaging and helpful than the first one. Let's get your hands dirty on The Swift Composable Architecture in real-life — not on the paper.

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Concerns about SCA

Over the past time, I’ve received many different questions as well as helpful discussions then I realized, generally, there are two main points that you guys are concerning.

  • First, the SCA looks…

Hi everyone, today I am going to introduce you to an article mainly focused on mindset and career path. These are the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated on my own as well as learned and listened to from the great teachers and mentors that I am fortunate to have. Today I want to share with everyone. I hope this article gives you a glimpse into a clear roadmap for your personal career.

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This is the period from when you just come out of college until you become a skilled person. Your main responsibility at this stage is to…

There is nothing technical in this article, I would like to speak seriously about the strengths of a developer and somehow they also become a barrier stopping us to reach to Manager role (of course, if you want to be). I think there is no problem if you just want to follow the technical path. There is no right or wrong here, the matter is just the choice, depending on the personality and ability of each person. However, in this article, I am going to focus on another path, which is from a developer to a manager.

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A fair bit of experience from myself

One of the…

Welcome back to my SwiftUI tutorial series. In previous parts, I have proven that right now is the time for SwiftUI to shine. And how The (Swift) Composable Architecture gives me the confidence to conclude this. This time, we are going to learn how it actually works through my visualized diagram.

This article will summarize the basics and the mechanism at a high-level. There is plenty of things that need to learn in detail. And I highly recommend you check the PointFree team out.

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Foundation components


This is where the UI elements display on the screen like in vanilla SwiftUI. It still…

In terms of technique, we can see that the deeper we go into detail, the more interesting hidden parts we often overlooked. Today, I am going to demonstrate this by going into one aspect that not many people notice when using auto-layout in UIKit, which are the priorities. This note is referenced from the iOS Course by Essential Developer Academy.

What are Priorities?

Auto Layout is a mechanism dynamically calculating the size and position of a view based on required constraints. They could be leading, trailing, top, bottom or width/ height constraints, and more. Each constraint will have a few options. …

Before getting to the point, I would like to grab some coffee and recall our old friend: UIKit. The advantages of SwiftUI are quite obvious, the performance is better, the UI code is cleaner, easier to understand but still not reliable enough to convince all. Not to mention the majority of projects usually start from an iOS version less than 13 so, like it or not, UIKit still goes along with us in a few next years. So today, I am going to review it by discussing testing-related matters around this old framework

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Difficulties and no standard approach

UIKit is a kind of Apple’s built-in…

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